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Dental Implants Treatment in Trivandrum

Dental Implants Trivandrum -Dr. Kashi’s Ashwathi Dental Clinic

Dental implants are a procedure available at Kashi's Aswathy Dental Clinic in Trivandrum. Dental implants are the ideal solution to replacing one or more missing teeth. We can help you get that confident smile back once again. Our dental implant clinic can offer you a permanent and aesthetic tooth replacement that will make you feel like you have your own tooth back again. We use advanced surgical techniques, the highest quality materials and select the most appropriate and suited implant system for your particular case, with the best compatibility, and highest success rates. Our dental implants look natural with long term reliability.

Each small titanium dental implant is an artificial high-tech tooth root, which becomes fully integrated into the jawbone. Acting as a part of you, they make a stable foundation for single-tooth crowns, bridges or support and replace all of the teeth in one jaw. Our dental implants will feel exactly like your own, and they will look it too, giving you the confidence to smile more often. Healthy neighbouring teeth are not damaged to fix bridges in place, and tissue and bone structures are maintained, providing you with good facial support. Our dental tooth implants in offer a secure solution and are suitable for all ages.

Dental Implants Trivandrum

Why choose dental implants?

  • Missing teeth – If you are missing one or more teeth, dental implants may be the best option for replacement. Dental Implants have many advantages
  • Aesthetics – Aesthetically they can look like a natural tooth and will sit in the gum in the same way as a natural tooth.
  • No damage to remaining teeth – Unlike bridges or dentures, dental implants do not require support from other teeth.
  • Prevent bone loss – Having a dental implant in the bone will stop the bone from shrinking and therefore will maintain facial support and structure.
  • Increase life of remaining teeth – Dental implants will protect the remaining teeth from excessive forces (by spreading the chewing load) and will stop teeth migrating, tilting and over-erupting.
  • Fixed – Dental implants are fixed in your mouth and do not require removal as with dentures.
  • No more fillings or sensitivity – Dental implants will never need a filling or root canal treatment and they will never be sensitive.

Dental Implant Treatments

Dental Implants are the gold standard for tooth replacement in most circumstances where teeth are missing. Dental Implants can be placed on the same day as tooth removalor a long time after the tooth was removed. Dental Implants can be used when just one tooth is missing or when a number of teeth are missing or even when there are no teeth at all. In most cases the Implant placement is extremely quick and practically pain free. In fact most people find implant placement to be a more pleasant procedure than having a tooth removed. If you still feel nervous or apprehensive we can provide you with oral or intravenous sedation so that you can be away with the fairies while you have your implants placed. We will never leave you with a visible gap and will always make sure your smile looks great throughout treatment. At the end of the treatment you will have a brand new tooth that looks, feels and functions exactly like a natural tooth!

Immediate Tooth Replacement

Do you require teeth in a day? If you are about to lose a tooth we can arrange to have it removed and for the placement of an implant at the same visit so that nobody would ever know what happened. Immediate implant placement is possible if there is no infection and there is sufficient bone.

Single Tooth Replacement

Multiple Teeth Replacements

Full Arch Dental Implants and All-on-4 Dental Implants or ‘Same Day Teeth’

Implant Retained Dentures or Dental Implant Removable Bridges